When am I required to obtain a building permit?

The following activities require permitting: Signs, County Road Access, County Road Utility Crossings, Septic Systems, Mailbox Installation, and the following Building related activities:

                    a. Remodels

                    b. Residential Dwelling units

                    c. Residential Accessory Structures

                    d. Non-Residential/Commercial Structures

The following uses and activities shall be exempt:

1. Detached accessory buildings and structures not for human occupancy, which are covered by a roof and contain 400 square feet or less of floor space.

  All proposed land development, use and construction, including the enlargement of existing uses and structures; including interior remodels and the conversion of non-habitable space into habitable space shall be subject to review and shall be authorized only upon the granting of a building permit.  Each individual structure associated with a development proposal shall require a separate building permit. 

Please contact the office if you are unsure. 307-367-4375

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