What is the Statement of Consideration I filled out when I closed on my property?
State statute requires that a Statement of Consideration be completed whenever a deed, contract or document transferring legal title is recorded as part of the property transfer. A Statement of Consideration is a form that provides our office with some information about your purchase so that we can better determine if the purchase price can be used to help appraise other properties. If it can be determined that you purchased your property for a fair market price, that you were a willing buyer, that the seller was a willing seller, and that neither of you were under undue pressure to buy or sell, then the sale will likely be used in our market studies. You may also receive, by mail, a questionnaire to help us gather even more information about your purchase. We do this in an effort to ensure that we have all of the correct information about the purchase. Incorrect data could lead to erroneous assessments, so please carefully complete and return the forms.Statement of Consideration form.

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