County Clerk

Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners

  • Prepare Agendas
  • Record and prepare minutes, resolutions, and agreements

Chief Budget Officer

Chief Elections Officer

  • Administer and maintain records of Sublette County elections

Maintain Motor Vehicle Records

Accounting Office

  • Process and pay payment requests from vendors to the County
  • Handle financial administration of grants paid to the County

Personnel Office

  • Process and pay County's payroll
  • Process, maintain and pay employee benefits
  • Maintain general personnel records
  • Provide new employee orientation, policy manuals, etc.

County Recorder and Ex-Officio Register of Deeds

  • Maintain records of land transactions, subdivisions, mineral leases, and mining claims
  • Issue Wyoming Marriage Licenses
  • Administer Liquor License applications and records
  • County website contact office