Language of Assessment: Terms R - Z


Range Lines - Lines in succeeding six-mile increments on either side of the Meridian.

Real Property - Consists of the interests, benefits, and rights inherent in the ownership of land and anything permanently attached to the land.

RealWare - The Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) system used by the Assessor's Office. The Wyoming Department of Revenue mandated that all county's use this system. The CAMA System dramatically reduces the time, effort, and expense necessary to fix a value to a property.

Statement of Consideration (SOC) - A document providing sales information that must be used in addition to other information to determine current market value. The seller, buyer, or agent completes the document at the time of property transfer. In the State of Wyoming SOC information is confidential and not public record. Property owners may review sales information used to determine the value of their property. The SOC review period is only during the 30-day appeal period and the property owner may not further disclose the sales information to other persons or property owners. Sales information may be introduced to the County Board of Equalization during a formal appeal, but actions must be taken to prevent its indiscriminate disclosure.

Tax ID Number - The Tax ID Number is the same as the parcel number or local number. It is assigned by the Assessor's Office. It is shown on your tax bill and used by the Treasurer's Office in identifying your tax payment for that particular parcel. The first two digits of this nine-digit number reference the tax district where the parcel is located. Each parcel has three different numbers associated with it: Account Number, Tax ID / Parcel Number, and GEO Number / PIDN (PDF).

Tax Rate / Assessment Level - The percentage of fair market value that determines assessed value. The current level of assessment in Wyoming for industrial property is 11.5%, for any producing mineral it is 100%, and for all other property it is 9.5%. The level of assessment is set by the legislature and is subject to change.

Township - An approximately 36-square-mile division of land. Townships are bounded by two successive Range Lines on the east and west and to successive Township Lines on the north and south. A Township is divided into 36 sections.

Warranty Deed - A deed that conveys to the grantee title to the property free and clear of all encumbrances, except those specifically set forth in the document. The Clerk's Office has a public records search for information in Sublette County since August 10, 2007.