General Information


Open Government

Meetings To Be Public

  • Government is and should be the servant of the people, and it should be fully accountable to them for the actions which it supposedly takes on their behalf.
     (U.S.C. CAN 2183)
  • The courts, legislature, administrative agencies, and the state, county, and municipal governments should ever be mindful that theirs is public business, and the public has a right to know how its servants are conducting its business.
     Wyoming Supreme Court
  • The object of the public records act is disclosure, not secrecy...
     Wyoming Supreme Court

Wyoming statutes contain two important open government laws: the Wyoming Public Records Act (16-4-201) and the law governing meetings of governmental agencies (16-4-401).

Starting with the meeting law, the statute declares that agencies in the state, be it boards, commissions, or committees, of the State, County, municipality, or other political subdivision exist in order to conduct public business and that business is to be conducted openly, with certain exceptions.