Powers & Duties

County Powers & Duties

The powers of the County shall be exercised by the Board of County Commissioners, which include the power to:

  • Sue and be sued
  • Purchase property for the use of the County and acquire real property tax sales, as provided by law
  • Sell or convey property owned by the County, when it is in the best interests of the County
  • Make contracts and perform other acts relating to the property and concerns of the County in the exercise of its corporate or administrative powers
  • Exercise other powers as provided by law
  • Establish a surface water drainage system, utilities, and drainage management
  • Declare and abate nuisances which the Commission determines to be a threat to health or safety

Counties are:

  • Authorized to contract for human services
  • Construct or purchase public buildings or facilities jointly with City Council officials
  • Able to establish and maintain senior citizen centers
  • Required to provide and maintain a suitable courthouse, jail, and other necessary County buildings

Wyoming Statute 18-3-504

Wyoming Statute 18-3-504 outlines the general powers and duties of each Board of County Commission.