District Court

District Court of the Ninth Judicial District

There are nine judicial districts in Wyoming, consisting of 24 District Court judges. The Ninth Judicial District includes Sublette County, Teton County, and Fremont County. There is one District Court judge located in each County.

The District Courts of Wyoming are constitutionally-created courts, given general jurisdiction over all cases and proceedings unless jurisdiction is vested exclusively with another court. Under the Wyoming Constitution, District Courts are “courts of superior and general jurisdiction . . . administering all law—the common law, statutory law, and principles of equity.”

Being “courts of superior and general jurisdiction,” the District Courts in Wyoming handle all proceedings involving: felony prosecutions; probate matters (e.g., wills, adoptions, guardianships, and conservatorships); juvenile court matters (e.g., abuse/neglect, CHINS, and delinquencies); family law matters (e.g., divorces, paternity, custody, support, and modifications), and; mental health commitments under Title 25. In addition, the District Courts handle all general civil litigation involving claims for more than $50,000 (e.g., contract disputes, personal injuries, wrongful death, and real property); claims filed under the Governmental Claims Act, regardless of amount; and, civil disputes involving trusts, breaches of fiduciary duty, trade secrets, the sale of securities, shareholder derivative actions, and commercial class actions.

All District Court staff are appointed or employed by the State of Wyoming. The Sublette County District Court is comprised of the District Court judge, the Official District Court reporter, the judicial assistant, and the law clerk or staff attorney. The primary duties of the Official District Court reporter are to keep a verbatim record of court proceedings and to prepare a written transcript of proceedings when requested. The judicial assistant provides scheduling, administrative, and other office duties. The law clerk or staff attorney assists the District Court judge with legal research, helps prepare the judge for hearings and trials, drafts some Orders and other court documents, and performs other duties the District Court judge may assign.

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