Property Tax


In Wyoming, the task of collecting property taxes is delegated to the County Treasurer's Office. The taxes fund:

  • Schools
  • Library
  • Recreation center
  • County government
  • Road maintenance

A property tax is an ad valorem tax, which is a tax imposed according to the value of the property. In Wyoming, the County Assessor is charged with the responsibility to value property at its fair market value. Once the tax is determined, it is the duty of the County Treasurer to:

  • Collect Ad Valorem Tax on all real and personal property in Sublette County
  • Collect Ad Valorem Tax on mineral production and real property
  • Hold tax sale on properties with delinquent taxes
  • Issue Moving Permits for transportable homes and buildings

For more information regarding how property taxes are determined, please visit the County Assessor page.

Mortgage Companies

If a mortgage company pays your taxes, they are requested to use our website to gather the amount(s) due. Some mortgage companies require that property owners send them a copy of the bill when they receive it, so please check with your mortgage company to verify. Mortgage companies by law are required to pay your taxes in the maximum number of payments allowed by the State. Therefore, they do not have the option of paying your taxes all at once.

To Pay by Credit Card

To pay by credit card, visit the payment portal.