Snow Machine & Off - Road Vehicle (ORV) Stickers

About the Trails Program

Wyoming has over 8,500 miles of trails managed by a variety of agencies. Trail opportunities in Wyoming are many and diverse. Wyoming's trails are located in areas ranging from deep river canyon to high desert plains, to high mountain crags and alpine meadows, to community greenways. Hikers, bicyclists, equestrians, skiers, snowmobilers, historians, Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) riders, and community pathway users all use Wyoming's statewide system of trails. Outdoor recreation has been an important part of the State's way of life for many years.

The State Trails Program does not own any property or directly control any trail, the Program partners with other land management agencies to maintain, create, and provide funding and/or labor and equipment for trails. An emphasis is placed upon the federal lands that host 98% of all trails in Wyoming. The State Trails Program is primarily funded through motorized user and registration fees. The Program is charged with administering the snowmobile and ORV program in Wyoming. Management of non-motorized trails is a secondary role since other Federal, State, and local agencies are the primary non-motorized trail managers in Wyoming.

Please remember to Tread Lightly© and carry a current travel management map or land use map from the land managing agency. It is your responsibility to know local land management allowances and restrictions.

As of January 01, 2020 Sublette County Treasurer's Office is no longer a selling agent for stickers.  Please call our office for a current list of available agents.


Snow Machine Stickers: $25, available in September through the first of May

ORV Sticker: $15, available year-round

Search and Rescue Donation: You can choose to donate $1 or more to Wyoming Search and Rescue operations when purchasing a snow machine or ORV sticker