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Tip Top Search and Rescue is a volunteer organization that serves Sublette County, Wyoming, and the surrounding area with an organized emergency service for search and/or rescue, under the order and direction of the Sublette County Sheriff, and funded through the Sublette County Commission.

Tip Top volunteers coordinate, train, and maintain an operational group of 40 members. These 40 members meet and comply with the minimum standards set forth by the Board of Directors on a yearly basis. The members of Tip Top Search and Rescue respond to requests for assistance 24-hours a day, seven days a week.



Words of Thanks

Tip Top Search and Rescue would like to THANK not only the Sublette County Commissioners and Sheriff Lehr for supporting our organization, but also all of the wonderful community members who support our volunteer members. Our success is directly related to the commitment and dedication of each member along with the continuous support of this community we live in and call home.

Tip Top Search and Rescue would like to send out one last THANK YOU to all the families and employers that stand behind each of our volunteers in order for our organization to continue to save lives as efficiently and safely as possible.

Who is TTSAR?

Tip Top Search and Rescue (TTSAR) is a volunteer, non-profit organization, created in 1980 to promote public safety and welfare, as well as provide emergency search and rescue services to Sublette County and the surrounding areas. The Sublette County Sheriff is responsible for coordinating all search and rescue operations in Sublette County and calls upon TTSAR to complete these missions. The men and women of this volunteer team train several times a month, and are ready to respond to any call for assistance 24/7/365.

In 2016, 43 TTSAR members tallied 4667 volunteer hours:

  • 3391 hours were spent training and in meetings
  • 1276 hours were spent during 30 missions

How is TTSAR funded?

TTSAR maintains an annual budget that is provided by Sublette County, encompassed into the Sublette County Sheriff's budget. These funds provide training, equipment and day to day operating expenses. Expenses for search and rescue efforts are supported by county funds with reimbursement claims requested to the Wyoming State Search and Rescue Council. Funds from this state-wide source come from the State of Wyoming, Wyoming Office of Homeland Security and federal programs. Donations collected from hunting, fishing and recreation vehicle licenses are a large contributor to the funds.

TTSAR also maintains a non-profit 501(c)3 account with funding supported by donations only. Expenses supported by these funds include specialized personal safety gear, uniforms and items that could not be supported otherwise through county or state funds.

How can you support TTSAR?

You can support your local volunteers by donating to: Tip Top Search and Rescue, PO Box 400, Pinedale, WY 82941 or by purchasing TTSAR gear at Bucky's Outdoors, Great Outdoor Shop or Obo's (Big Piney and Pinedale)

Voluntarily donate $2 each time you buy a recreational vehicle, fishing, and hunting license.

Want to volunteer your time? Visit Tip Top Search and Rescue to find more information!