Liquor License Information

Licensing in Sublette County

County Commissioners issue liquor licenses to businesses located in Sublette County that are outside the incorporated cities or towns. Different kinds of licenses are available and all are regulated by State laws. The Wyoming Department of Revenue, Liquor Division, reviews all applications for compliance with sales tax and dispensing regulations.

Application for License

Applications for a new liquor license must be made with the County Clerk. You can print the application (DOCX) from the site and complete, sign, and have it notarized. It must be accompanied by all documents required by the application and submitted to the County Clerk.

License Renewal

Requests to renew licenses come before the County Commissioners at their meeting held on the third Tuesday in May of each year. All interested parties are invited to attend and be heard. For additional information on obtaining or renewing your license please call (307) 367-4372.

Types of Liquor Licenses & Fees

Annual PermitsFeePermit Description
Retail License$625 (except $1,500 within five miles of Pinedale)Allows the sale of alcoholic liquor and malt beverages for consumption on-premise, off-premise, or both. Licenses available are based upon a population formula. Section 12-4-201
Restaurant License$300 to $625Allows service bar dispensing of alcoholic liquor and malt beverages to patrons seated in dining areas of full-service restaurants. Alcohol sales cannot exceed 40% of gross sales. Section 12-4-407
Resort LicenseNot SetAllows sales of alcoholic liquor and malt beverages for on-premise consumption within the contiguous boundaries of a resort. Resort must have an actual building value of $1 million, at least a 100-seat convention facility, and a minimum of 100 hotel rooms. Section 12-4-401
Limited (Club) License$100Allows clubs such as veterans, fraternal, golf, or social clubs to sell alcoholic liquor and malt beverages for on-premise consumption to members and their accompanied guests. Section 12-4-301
County Retail Malt Beverage Permit$125Allows sales of malt beverages for on- or off-premise consumption. Permits may be issued for locations five miles beyond the limits of an incorporated city or town. Section 12-4-201(b)
Microbrewery PermitNot SetAllows brewing of malt beverages for sale on and off-premise. Off-premise sales are not to exceed 2,000 ounces per sale. On-premise sale of other malt beverages may be authorized. Marketing product to wholesalers requires State authorization. Section 12-4-214(a)(i)
Winery PermitNot SetAllows fermenting of wines for sale on- and off-premise. Off-premise sales are limited to 2,028 ounces per sale. On-premise sales of other wines may be authorized. Section 12-4-412(a)(ii)
Satellite Winery PermitNot SetAllows the holder of a Winery Permit to sell its manufactured wine at up to three satellite locations within Wyoming separate from its licensed manufacturing site. Section 12-4-412(d) *Microbrewery and Winery Permits may be combined or held with Retail, Restaurant, or Resort Licenses.

24-Hour PermitsFeePermit Description
Catering Permit$10 per dayAllows a Retail or Resort license to sell alcoholic liquor and malt beverages for on-premise consumption at another location. Issuance is limited to no more than 12 times per the calendar year in any one location. §12-4-502(b)
24-Hour Malt Beverage Permit$10 per dayAllows a responsible individual or organization to sell malt beverages at a picnic, fair, rodeo, special holiday, or similar public gathering. Issuance is limited to no more than 12 times per the calendar year per individual or organization at any one location. §12-4-502(a)