Toll Notice/Violation

If you’ve received a Toll Notice or Violation Notice that doesn’t belong to you, here are some things that you can do.

                1. Make sure you have a photo of the plate; this is your best bet to dispute the notice. If the bill came with a copy of the plate, great. If not, call them and be sure they send you a copy of the plate photo.

                2. Often these bills come with a dispute form, please be sure to fill this out and sign it.

                3. Scan in a copy of your registration that matches the plate numbers, the dispute form, and the toll/violation notice to the following address, using “Toll Violation” as the subject for the email:

                Shannon DeGrazio

WYDOT-Motor Vehicle Services Supervisor


 Shannon with WyDot will work on your behalf to get the toll violation removed and the correct information remitted so that the correct person/vehicle are billed.  If you still have questions, or need assistance, please contact the Sublette County Treasurer’s office at 307-367-4373.