Property Tax Refund Program

Property Tax Refund / Relief Program

The Property Tax Refund / Relief Program allows people of any age to apply for property tax relief as long as eligibility requirements are met. The program refunds no more than one-half of the applicant's prior year's property tax, and refunds cannot exceed one-half of the median residential property tax in the county of residence (as determined by the Wyoming Department of Revenue). If qualifying individuals for this program are recipients of other tax relief programs, the amount they receive from the other programs is deducted from the amount received from the Property Tax Refund Program.

Applications must be filed annually with either the County Treasurer or Wyoming Department of Revenue. Applications must be filed by the first Monday in June. View the Information Brochure and Application for Property Tax Refund Program.

Veteran Exemption Program

Qualifying taxpayers may reduce their property tax liability or the County portion of motor vehicle registration fees. Individual eligibility is determined by the County Assessor. For more information, please contact the County Assessor's Office at (307) 367-4374.

Tax Refund Program for Person 65 Years of Age or Disabled

(This program may not be available every year as Wyoming Legislature may or may not fund certain tax refund programs each year)

For information and participation, contact the Wyoming Department of Health at (866) 989-8901, the Rendezvous Pointe Senior Center at (307) 367-2881, or the Southwest Sublette County Pioneers at (307) 276-3249. The application deadline is the end of August.

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program

Currently, a low-income energy assistance program exists in Wyoming. The program provides grants for residential energy bills and for weatherization. The program is administered by the Department of Family Services.