Mobile Machinery


Mobile machinery is defined as heavy equipment, except shop or hand tools, which is self propelled, towed, or hauled and used primarily in construction and maintenance of:

  • Roads
  • Bridges
  • Ditches
  • Buildings
  • Land reclamation

Registration Requirements

If operating mobile machinery in Sublette County you must register your equipment with a mobile machinery sticker, purchased at the office of the County Treasurer. Wyoming contractors are required to list all such equipment upon the tax rolls, as well as an annual purchase of a mobile machinery sticker. In order to obtain a mobile machinery sticker the first year, owner must provide proof of sales tax paid or pay the sales tax before mobile machinery stickers can be issued.

Out-of-state contractors may obtain registration for any period of less than 12 months. All machinery brought into the State must be registered. Exemptions apply only to demonstrate the operation of equipment to prospective buyers, not to exceed a period of seven calendar days.

You may download and print the application form (PDF) or contact the County Treasurer at (307) 367-4373 for the form.